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At Chippewa Valley Therapeutic Massage, we are dedicated to providing results-oriented therapeutic massage in a comfortable and professional setting. We provide many varieties of massage: 


Our Therapeutic Massage Specialists Can Help You With:

  • Pain Relief- Massage Therapy can reduce swelling, spasms and stiffness, increase circulation, and speed up the recovery process.


  • Injuries- Massage Therapy can promote healing by aiding in the uptake of Edema, decreasing pain & swelling, and increasing range of motion.


  • Circulation- Massage Therapy can increase blood supply and nutrition to the muscles, tissues, cells and organs while aiding the lymphatic system in cleansing and removing waste and toxins out of the body.


  • Stress Management- Massage Therapy can help you manage the stress by focusing on relaxing the body and mind, while also relieving the tight muscles and trigger points that can cause headaches and chronic neck and back pain related to stress.


  • Relaxation- Massage therapy can relax the body by physically reducing tension, spasms & muscle contractions, while relaxing the mind as well.

Who Benefits From Therapeutic Massage?

  • Chronic Pain Suffers

  • Repetetive Strain Injuries

  • Stress/tension Sufferers

  • Elite Athletes

  • Weekend Warriors

  • Carpenters/Construction Workers

  • Doctors

  • Teachers

  • Desk/office Workers

  • Computer Programmers

  • Truck Drivers/Delivery Drivers

  • Pregnant Women

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