Chippewa Valley Therapeutic Massage Reviews

"I have suffered with chronic myofascial pain behind my right shoulder blade for approximately 1 1/2 years. I had already been to several doctors for this pain and after many inconclusive tests, was given a referral to a pain clinic. Not wanting to simply mask the pain with pain medications or steroid injections, I chose to try deep tissue massage therapy instead. This led me to Chippewa Valley Therapeutic Massage approximately 2 months ago. Eric was very professional as he listened to me explain the symptoms that I had been experiencing on our first visit. He has since been able to effectively decrease the intensity of my pain significantly after only six deep tissue massage sessions. His skilled hands immediately find the pressure points needed to release the restrictions causing my myofacscial pain. It has definitely been life changing for me to be able to go without the intense pain I had once been experiencing on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Chippewa Valley Therapeutic Massage for anyone who is seeking professional care and the extreme benefits that massage therapy can bring."
~ Michelle W.

“I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with Eric Willmarth at Chippewa Valley Therapeutic Massage. From our initial visit where my problem areas were pinpointed, Eric worked diligently finding a solution in alleviating constant discomfort associated with stress and sports conditioning . He goes above and beyond to make each visit the most personalized experience possible, and I never feel like I’m just another client getting rushed in/out of the door. After the massage, Eric demonstrated techniques I could do on my own to extend the effects of the massage—a valuable “extra” no other therapist has offered me yet. Eric Willmarth is top-notch in my book—a true gift to the Chippewa Valley!”
~ Jessica F.

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